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Kit list

rucksackOn joining the Secret Garden, children are provided with a Deuter rucksack.

Winter days

  • Footwear: For winter weather we recommend neoprene, or fleece lined wellies; footwear that is warm and waterproof.

  • Thermal base layer

  • On body: at least 2 more layers, last one a warm fleece or wool jumper

  • On legs: cosy trousers, or 2 layers of lighter trousers.

The above is based on the final layers being simply waterproof. If the final outer waterproof layer has additional fleece or padding please adjust clothes accordingly. It is well to note that some ski-type jackets are not fully waterproof! We need 100% waterproof clothes for Secret Gardeners.

  • Final layer: waterproof dungaree or trousers. Dungarees are good for keeping children ‘together’, no cold tummy, but have a disadvantage for some children when it comes to toileting. We encourage the children to help each other get the dungarees up their back and get clips over shoulders to clip up by themselves – lots of good fine motor co-ordination skills!!

Waterproof trousers offer greater ease for toileting but please ensure they have an effective elasticated waist: Funky Rascal in Cupar (10% discount for Secret Gardeners) have an excellent range of Scandinavian clothing Raindrops (20% discount for Secret Gardeners) and  Togz also have a good range, as do Muddy Puddles.

And locally we have our own Ilasco factory shop in Glenrothes full of excellent gear for children and adults.

These are just a few recommendations. If you find an item or company that you’d like to recommend to current or prospective families please let us know.

Warmer days

At the beginning of the spring days the weather can be swiftly changeable so better to be over dressed and able to peel layers off. Once we start seriously taking the layers off trousers are still preferable to shorts due to nettles and ‘jaggy’ things – brambles and thistles! Shoes rather than sandals are more appropriate.

Come the summer we’d still like children to carry waterproofs in their rucksacks as it may be a beautiful day but the rain can surprise us and in the woods the ground may still be wet and muddy. Some children can be really put off by damp legs and bottoms!

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