Hand in Hand Approach

Using the Hand in Hand Listening Tools in childcare settings.

Hand in Hand is a connection-based approach to parenting and working with children (see http://www.handinhandparenting.org).

At the Secret Garden we have been using the Hand in Hand approach in our work with pre-school children since 2015, and have experienced great outcomes for children, staff and parents.

Hand in Hand uses 5 simple and effective listening tools based on listening to children, which can help:

  • Build better relationships with the children in your care
  • Increase cooperation
  • Work with separation anxiety and clinginess
  • Work successfully to defuse aggressive behaviour
  • Give clear guidelines for setting warm and effective limits
  • Develop strategies for issues such as sharing and saying sorry.

A series of evening workshops will be facilitated by Louise Durrant, who is a certified instructor of Hand in Hand Parenting (you can read Louise’s story on the Hand in Hand website here) and is also Senior Practitioner at Secret Garden. Workshops will be for small groups, with opportunity for sharing, questions, and looking at specific situations.

Workshops are open to all who are interested and cost £35 per session.  20% discount available if all 5 sessions are booked together. Contact the office for further information or if you are ready to book, complete our online form here.

Tuesday 28 February, 6-9pm The Connection Framework – Listening to Children’s Feelings

This session will be an introduction to Hand in Hand’s connection framework as a basis for a transformative approach to childcare. We will look at the importance of listening to children’s feelings and learn how to do this in practice. We will look at some of the practical ways that this approach can be immediately effective in building better relationships and overcoming common challenges in childcare settings.

Tuesday 2 April, 6-9pm Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour – connection, play and limits

Through the connection framework of Hand in Hand, we will deepen our understanding of aggressive behaviour, and will look at how to support a child who is behaving aggressively whilst keeping others safe. We will discuss how to set limits warmly and effectively and how to use listening tools to create a safe environment for the release of difficult emotions, helping to bring an aggressive child back in to balance.

Tuesday 28 May, 6-9pm Sharing and Cooperation

When all is well in their world, children love to share, and are naturally cooperative. In this workshop we will explore how connection builds cooperation and how we can restore broken connection and build cooperation through listening and play. We will look at a connection based strategy for sharing, which empowers children and helps ease the common tensions around sharing.

Tuesday 20 August, 6-9pm Working with Separation Anxiety

In this session we will explore how to work through children’s separation difficulties using the Hand in Hand listening approach, and see how this can have a positive impact on the children’s levels of confidence and wellbeing. You’ll hear about how we’ve used this approach successfully at the Secret Garden: we love how the Hand in Hand approach to separation upsets can turn something difficult into something positive.

Tuesday 29 October, 6-9pm Empowering Children through Play

We will explore using play as a listening tool and intervention to help children work through their blocks and fears and to feel more powerful (whilst keeping everyone in the group safe). We will also take a look at some potentially edgy types of play, such as weapon play, and explore some of the conditions for play to be healthful and growthful for children. We’ll cover when and how it can be helpful to intervene in children’s play to promote healing and learning.